Sunday, May 16, 2010


Hi there.Have you ever wished for a fairy godmother who could help you write like a professional?Are you a non-native speaker who isn't too confident with written English?Or maybe a native speaker who doesn't much like writing?I think I can help you.

I have had years of experience in the publishing world and have now decided to take on work on a freelance basis.I can edit fiction,academic work etc..I don't just use a spell check-anyone can do that.I look at your work and try to improve it and give you tips on how to do this for yourself.I guess this site is about empowerment... helping me earn a few bucks,and you with your writing style.

For example,if you send me a sample of your work,I can analyze your weak spots and point up what you need to concentrate on when you write.Some people make the same errors,time after time,so these are easy to correct.

Please feel free to comment and send me some samples for analysis,if you want to see if I can do as I advertise here.

I'd love to hear from you so I don't feel I'm writing to myself [I haven't started talking to myself yet,so maybe that's a good sign].

Please specify if you want U.S. or British English.

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